Star Educator Awards 2020 


“To the world, you may just be a teacher, but to your students, you are a HERO! “~ Mark Twain

Teachers strive every day to make the world better, one student at a time. They are the game changers in students’ lives.

The Star Educator Awards is our humble effort to commemorate one of the oldest and most virtuous professions – teaching.

The Star Educator Award by Learning Matters is our endeavour to acknowledge and honour exemplary educators who have gone above and beyond in the noble cause of teaching. The awards aim to recognise individuals who have displayed distinction in teaching various academic subjects, have used innovative teaching methods to unleash the true potential of students including students with diverse and special needs, have nurtured and fostered students’ interests, abilities, and talents in physical education, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, have shown inclusive leadership, and are great role models to their students and staff.

Star Educator Award Categories

This award recognises the imaginative and unique efforts taken by a teacher who goes the extra mile to make learning interesting, fun, and long lasting. Whether it be inventive use of props or resourceful materials to get students engaged, this teacher is always full of original and new ideas!

This award recognises a teacher who brings technology to the forefront by promoting meaningful, resourceful and safe use of technology among students. From teaching students how to safely use the internet to making use of apps, tech tools, and resources – this teacher is excited about using technology in any form or shape to make learning interesting.

This award recognises a teacher’s who makes mathematics magical for students. This teacher demystifies math by helping students gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between number, structures, and quantities. This teacher makes math come alive in everyday life.

This award recognises a teacher who strives to help students understand the underlying significance of science in our lives. This teacher inspires students to observe, hypothesise, experiment, document, study and marvel at the physical and natural world around us.

This award recognises a teacher who strives to make the study of people and the world interesting and engaging. From hands-on activities to innovative methods of teaching, this teacher truly brings the world to the classroom!

This award recognises a teacher who makes languages come alive for students. From the grammatical nuances of a language to its uniqueness, this teacher enables students to recognise and appreciate the beauty of language.

The award recognises the exceptional contribution of a teacher in recognising and bringing out student’s abilities and talents in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, debate, chess or quizzing. This teacher motivates students to pursue their interests and excel in them.

The award recognises a teacher who has dedicated themselves towards recognising the abilities and talents of students in sports and games and inspiring students to become fitter and healthier.

The principal is instrumental in creating a positive school community and culture and inspiring staff, students, parents and colleagues towards excellence. This award recognises a principal who is not just a leader but a role model for the entire school and community.

This award recognises a teacher who has made a commitment towards adapting learning for students who are differently abled. This teacher refuses to take “not possible” for an answer and makes learning joyous and impactful for students and parents.

Who Can Apply?

Do you know a passionate teacher with a strong work ethic? A teacher who goes that extra mile for their students. A teacher who never fails to do their best for their students. A teacher who is always there for their students. Or, maybe you are such a teacher yourself 

If you know someone like this or that someone is you, nominate yourself or such an individual for the Star Educator Awards 2020.

The Star Educator Awards will be presented across ten different categories. So don’t forget to nominate an educator in all the categories.

Award selection is based on identified parameters within each category. A team of industry-esteemed jurors will rate nominees on these parameters.


  1. Nominations are open to educators and principals who are currently working in or have retired from pre-primary, K12, and/or higher education institutions
  2. Nominations are open to educators and principals who are currently working in or have retired from private or government educational institutions
  3. The nominee should have a minimum of 2 years of working experience in an educational setting/institution
  4. The nominee’s scope of work can be international but a minimum of 2 years of work in India is mandatory
  5. Self nominations are allowed
  6. Nominations can be made by students, parents of students, colleagues or friends of the nominee(s). The better you know the nominee(s), the stronger the nomination(s) will be
  7. There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual can make
  8. Nominations will be considered valid only when submitted through the nomination form and only when all mandatory fields on the form have been filled
  9. Nominations are absolutely free of cost
  10. Nominations will close on Monday, August 24
  11. Jury’s decisions are final and binding